I Am a 53 Yo Male Who Has Large Protruding Nipples and Considering a Reduction? (photo)

how much sensation is lost in the nipple with a reduction, see i really enjoy having my nipples manipulated during sexual activities and am worried that i will loose all feeling and sensation which would end my sexual enjoyment.

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Protruding nipples

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The correction of protruding nipples for both males and females is a fairly easy procedure.  I often do this procedure under local anesthesia in my office.  I have never had a patient complain of loss of sensitivity from this procedure.  Although loss of sensitivity is a risk, it would be extremely rare.

Nipple Reduction and Loss of Sensation?

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Thank you for the question.

The potential loss of nipple sensation after nipple reduction is low; however, if this loss would “end your sexual enjoyment”, it seems obvious that you should not proceed with this type of surgery.

 Best wishes.

Nipple reduction and Nipple sensation

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Most the time nipple sensation is maintained after nipple reduction. If there is a change in sensation, either too much or too little, it tends to return to normal over several months. Sometimes sesation is lost and remains lost. The risk depends on the amount of reduction needed, the technique used and your particular anatomy. The only way to guarantee no changes in sensation is too avoid surgery. While the odds are good for retaining normal sensation, there is no way to know the outcome until after the procedure is done.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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