I Am 33 with Pco's and 96 Kgs. Can I Treat my Pco's with Ovarian Drilling or Liposuction?

I am 33 years old with PCO's. My weight is 96 kgs and height is 5.5. i have irregular periods and unable to concieve with clomid and had a miscarriage. Can i treat my PCO's with liposuction or ovarian drilling or both . i dnt have any other problem, menas hypertension, diabetes or heart disease. i am on metformin since 8 years.

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PCOS and Liposuction

  An article published a year ago showed that lipid levels may be improved in type II diabetics.  There may be effects on PCOS from liposuction but little data exists.

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Treating PCOS

Ovarian drilling uses laparoscopic surgery to coax your ovaries to ovulate.

  1. Various reports, latest given below, show that ovarian drilling can have a 'high pregnancy rate.'
  2. Gonadotropin hormone therapy is usually the first step if clonipin and meformin are ineffective.
  3. No study shows liposuction has any benefit at all.
  4. Ideally getting fit will help your PCOS and your general health but it is hard to lose weight with PCOS. Hope this helps!

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