I Am 30 Yrs Old and Lost About 130 Ibs and I Have Lose Skin in my Stomach I Want to Get a Bbl (Fat Transfer to Buttocks)?

i am 30 yrs old and lost about 130 ibs and i have lose skin in my stomach i want to get a bbl ( fat transfer to buttocks) ... i know i need a tummy tuck but i have no kids and dont know when i am planning on having.. is it worth it getting a fat transfer and later on getting a tummytuck or would that be a waste of money ... should i just do the two ? idk what to do.... :(

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BBL or tummy tuck

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The most important thing to consider is what is more important to you, the stomach or the buttock?  Treat the one that is most important first.  If your physical exam demonstrates that you are a good candidate, I think it is reasonable to do the fat transfer now, and have a tummy tuck after you finish child bearing.  

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I think you need to prioritise what you feel is most important to you and do this first. You can then work on the rest as time passes

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Fat Transfer and Then Tummy Tuck After Pregnancies

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         You could get a Brazilian buttlift now if you have enough fat to transfer.  Then, you would have to decide if you want a tummy tuck now or later based upon how much the loose skin bothers you.   Would it be worth it to you to have a better stomach for the present, knowing that the procedure may have to be redone if you become pregnant later? 

After 130 pound weight loss I want the BBL. Should I also have a TT?

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Congratulations on your weight loss! With the loss of 130 pounds you need to be examined to see if you have sufficient for the BBL and to assessthe overall condition of your skin as to elasticity. As far as a TT is concernen if you have no real plans of becoming pregnant, although possibly later on, then one can consider doing a TT and concurrent BBl if you have enough donor fat. But you really need to consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to get a clear and complete picture and evaluation. Good luck!

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