I Am 29 Not Gotten Pregnant Yet Want Kids Desperately I'm 150 Lbs Overweight?

Can I get pregnant after putting in lapband? I really don't want anything to affect my chances been trying for years have been told probably just need to lose weight. will lap band negatively affect me?

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Pregnancy After Lap-Band Surgery

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Fertility may be improved with weight loss because menstrual cycles may become more regular. Studies have shown that the Lap-Band is very safe for both mother and baby during pregnancy. Babies born to mothers who have had Lap-Band surgery are usually normal weight at birth. This is in contrast to the risk of low-birth weight or malnourished babies after gastric bypass or other malabsorptive weight loss surgery. If patients require more calories while pregnant, the band can be loosened by removing fluid from the band. After pregnancy, the band can be adjusted so that the patient can go back to losing weight.

Mississauga Bariatric Surgeon

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery

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Pregnancy is safe after bariatric surgery.  In fact, it is safer to have bariatric surgery, lose weight, and then get pregnant, than it is to get pregnant while you are fat.   Much safer, especially for the baby.

Be careful about getting a gastric band.  Failure rate is at least 75%.  This operation has been abandoned in Europe, and is being abandoned by an increasing number of surgeons in the USA.  I don't do it anymore.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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