I Am 26 Years Old and Want a Preventive Mastectomy. How Do I Get It?

My maternal great grandma dided from breast cancer my maternal grandma is a survivor and my mother is one year out from her dbl mastectomy and just had part one of reconstruction after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer positive in her lymph nodes. I want the surgery to decrease my chances and have had breast pain in my right breast for 4years seen multiple dr's who look at my age and discount that it may be something more. Finally I am having an ultrasound next week but I want more done.

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Breat Cancer

You will be better of having a genetic councelling to detremine your risks. Then the decision is reached.

Based on genetic counceling, you and the breast surgeon, oncologist  you can better make a propper decision, after review of your grandmother and mother type of cancer.

There are many genetic counceling centers your can tap into.

Best of luck

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Request for double mastectomy

I think that before you undergo this procedure, you should see a geneticist and a breast surgeon to see what your risks are of developing breast cancer.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I Am 26 Years Old and Want a Preventive Mastectomy. How Do I Get It?

It would be best for you to be fully evaluated by a breast specialist

All your risk factors need to be evaluated including a BRCA test

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