I Am a 22 Year Old Female W/ Left Eye Ptosis?

I have always tried to actively hold it open & slightly raise the lid of my R eye to make my eyes appear more symmetrical. I also wear contacts & my eyes tend to get dry very easily, which makes my left eye droop more too (especially when I am tired). I'm now experiencing another issue w/ my face as well. The R side of my face (R lower eyelid, cheek, & sometimes R chin) is experiencing spasms very frequently (twitching almost all the time) Im wondering if its due to muscle strain on R eye.

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Ptosis and spasm

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There are a variety of causes of ptosis and eyelid/facial spasm.  Once the etiology is found, then you can consider conservative ptosis surgery given your dry eyes.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Evaluation of unilateral eyelid ptosis

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Unilateral eyelid ptosis can be caused by a number of different problems which can include congenital malformations, traumatic injuries, and neurological problems including Bell's palsy.  If you are having twitching and spasms of your facial muscles, inform your primary doctor, immediately, and ask if you can be referred to a neurologist for an evaluation as soon as possible.   

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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