I Had 22 Lymph Nodes Removed Under Arm when I Had a Mastectomy, Can I Have Laser Hair Removal There?

I have a lot of restrictions since my mastectomy and lymph node removal, ... no bp, no injections or blood draw, no finger stick, no gardening (can get arm injury such as rose thorn prick) no tight jewelry on that arm. Now I'm thinking about laser hair removal, which was never mentioned as a restriction. Would it be safe? Or could it trigger lymphedema? I don't have a photo. It just looks like a normal underarm with a scar. It's long ago completely healed. Thank you.

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Laser hair removal and lymphedema

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I would not recommend doing anything elective on that arm, including laser hair removal or even waxing or shaving of the hair. If you get a burn from the laser, or a break in the skin from shaving or waxing it could lead to infection and have significant consequences. 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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