I'm 20 Yrs Old and Due to Excessive Washing my Face I Think my Skin Has Lost Its Firmness What Should Do?

I have oily skin so i used to wash it many a times without knowing excessive washing is nt good.moreover used many products to cure it n i think i should also specify that i used to rub my face with towel ,after washing ,very roughly .its all my fault i know bt trust me i didnt know dat it ll affect me dat badly .just wantd to get rid of dat oily texture all the tym. n now i see bad results. my skin is kinda loose. I dont hv that firm skin which my agegroup people have ..want my firm skin back

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Excessive Face Washing Doesn't Cause Skin Laxity in a 20 Year-Old

I am sorry, but it is very unlikely that the excessive face washing you are describing has caused you to develop early skin laxity. You are young and your skin is likely in very good condition as it should be. If there is something that you see when you look in the mirror that bothers you, I would encourage you to see a board-certified dermatologist to get their opinion on what it may be, what the possible causes are, and how best to treat it. But most 20 year-olds I see and treat all day do not have loss of firmness from excessive washing, let alone anything else.  

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