I Am 18 Years Old, and I Want to Have Breast Augmentation, the Pain? Do They Feel Real?

As i said, im young and everything but i will never change my mind since i feel so uncomfortable with my breast size A, the only solution is operation so i feel comfortable... but ive seen videos and it the doctors do it like so aggressive (it seems), and the pain for how long? do the feel real, like part of my own body? and the marks...do they leave ugly marks? please if you know more than these things that can help me be more sure i will appreciate it.

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18 Year Old Breast Aug

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This is a very hard decision for you to be making at a very young age so make sure you are really considering all of your options. I have many patients in my practice just like yourself. I have seen young women with low self esteem be risen to new levels of confidence with breast augmentation, so I do believe in this operation for certain young women. There are 3 main incision placements. Around the areola, in the lower breast fold or the armpit. All have pros and cons and this will have to be determined by you and your board certified surgeon. Most women are sore for 2 weeks at least. Anybody who tells you they are not is the exception not the rule. It is normal for them to not feel natural for 3-6 months. This is because many changes occur over time very slowly. The skin needs to stretch, the muscle needs to stretch, and the implants need to settle down and form soft capsules. After several months they really should start to feel like a part of you. Be careful how much you watch on the internet. You do not need to see everything. The most important thing you can do is to choose a surgeon who is certified to perform your surgery and does many of them every year. You should feel at ease with your surgeon and trust them implicitly. If you do then they will guide you down the right path. Good luck!

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Breast augmentation in teenager

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Your surgeon should thoroughly answer all of these important questions. A few considerations: As a teenager you are generally not allowed to get the silicone implants. This  means that the larger you go, the less natural the breasts might feel. In general, since you are very young and will be living with implants over a longtime, the smaller you go that makes you happy, the safer it is long-term. Have realistic expectations. The surgery itself is quite simple and the recovery can be quite quick but you should definitely expect pain for 24-72 hours. If your pain is none to little, you will be happy. If it is more, you will be prepared. the most important thing from my point of view is an in-depth comprehensive consultation with free exchange of communication between doctor and patient. It should be a collaboration. And you should express to your surgeon what would make you happy.

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Breast augmentation

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Hi, there.  Breast augmentation is a very safe surgery.  Normally, it take about one hour for surgery.  Recovery or pain from surgery varies patient to patient.  In general, most of my patients take couple days of pain medication; and they can drive as long as they are not on narcotic pain medicine.  The pain is usually described as "pressure" pain, rather than sharp, severe pain.  As any surgery, breast augmentation has potential risks, limitations, and complications.  You should visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon to be examined and to go over potential risks. 

The scars from breast augmentation is fairly small and can be hidden.  After several months, your breasts/implants should feel real.

Breast augmentation

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In general, female breasts stop developing at around 18 or 19 years old. This is when a primary level of maturity is achieved, however further changes occur with aging, pregnancy and lactation (the production of breast milk). I suggest you wait a couple more years before deciding on undergoing surgery.

Having said that, breast augmentation surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia, which means you won't feel a thing as it's being performed. The implants are designed to mimic the natural feel of your breasts, so the results can look and feel very, very natural. You will have scars, but they are placed in discreet locations. You can talk to a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon if you'd like to know if breast augmentation can help you. Best of luck.

Breast Augmentation

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These are all natural questions to have when considering surgery, and are ones that a board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to address. Research highly-rated and qualified surgeons in your area, and schedule a consultation so that you can address your concerns. To answer your questions, you can receive implants that look and feel very natural and real. In terms of pain, as in any surgery, the recovery from breast augmentation is a gradual process. The typical patient will experience some pain and discomfort and use pain medication for the first 2 to 3 days following the breast augmentation surgery. Valium is prescribed for the first few weeks for muscular discomfort, and to aid the implants in dropping to their desired position. Most patients can return to work 4 to 5 days after breast augmentation surgery, and after 1 to 2 weeks, patients can resume non-impact body exercise. Four weeks after breast augmentation surgery, patients can resume impact exercises and after 6 weeks, upper body exercise can be resumed. Fortunately, complications such as scarring are uncommon after breast augmentation surgery. 

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