I Had a 15.5 Cm Lipoma Removed from my Abdominal Cavity. The Pain is Back, What to Do?

My tumor was 4 lbs and required major surgery to remove it. I had a distinctive pain associated with the tumor, now, 2 years later the same pain is back, in the same spot. I had a CT scan about a year ago. It did not show a growth, but the other tumor did not show up until it was baseball sized. Two weeks later, it was melon sized. What do you think?

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You present a very difficult issue.

Intraabdominal lipoma is rare.

I would recommend hving your pathology slides be reviewed by a specialist pathologist in soft tissue tumors.

abdominal pain after previous surgery on the abdomen can be of different causes. Need a good general surgeon to work with.

Your last CT scan was one year ago. Get another new CT scan

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