I Had Hysterectomy/TT/Lipo36days Ago. Dr Recomm Lymp Dr Massage. After 2 Sessions Now I Feel Tight & More Swollen?

I had hysterectomy/TT/Lipo36days ago. Dr recomm Lymp dr massage. after 2 sessions now I feel tighter & more swollen with or w/out the compression garment?? C-section area more swollen and incision is no longer straight line (droops down & puffy in center). Is this normal. The tx was very gentle however. Just concerned. Thank you.

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Massage for lymphatic drainage is nonsense.

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I doubt light massage will do any harm after surgery but the notion that swelling can be decreased by this maneuver is nonsense.

Now I Feel Tight & More Swollen?

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Despite the verbal description, I am not getting an image of what this actually may look like. Although a photo might help, you would be best off directing the question to your surgeon who has seen you and has followed your recovery.

All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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