Do Hypothyroid Issues Prohibit Zeltiq Treatments?

In what I have read about Zerona treatments it says if you have thyroid problems you should not have their treatment because it keeps treatment form working well. Is gthis the same with Zeltiq?

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Hypothyroid and CoolSculpting

Thank you for your question.

There is no contraindication for patients with hypothyroid to have the CoolSculpting procedure.  CoolSculpting works on isolated areas of diet / exercise resistant adipose tissue so if you are a good candidate in that aspect, you are fine to proceed with treatment.  Ideally, you would have your thyroid problems managed properly with your doctor.

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Hypothryoidism is not a reason to avoid CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

Hypothryoidism is one of the medical conditions that can cause people to gain weight without eating more. It does this by slowing down the basal metabolic rate. In other words, the body uses less energy at rest than before the thyroid became less active.  Less energy expended means increased net energy consumed by diet and if there is no increase in exercise then the weight increases.  If one has hypothryoidism, the improvement with CoolSculpting could still be impressive as there can be fat reduction from the freezing and killing of the fat cells.  Yet, with this endocrinologic condition, there might be a greater tendency to put on weight.  Usually patients with this condition are treated with a thyroid hormone and this also is not a contraindication to having CoolSculpting.

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Coolsculpting is not contra indicated in patients with medically managed and stable thyroid problems

The key is that your thyroid problems are medically managed and stable. The second point is that you have a stable exercise program and nutrition habits. Coolsculpting is best for diet and exercise resistant fatty deposits of the abdomen.

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Coolsculpting and Thyroid

There is no contraindication for Coolsculpting and hypothyroidism. Coolsculpting works excellent for reducing fat as a result of cool temperatures killing fat cells. Unlike Zerona, this is independent of diet and thryoid.

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Coolsculpting for people with Hypothyroidism


Coolsculpting works well for patients with distinct, stubborn areas of fat like the tummy, love handles and bra fat, even if you have hypothyroid issues  There is no contraindication or reason why Coolsculpting should be less effective in a hypothyroid patient.  A face to face consult is always best to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment in the areas you are concerned about.

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Dr. Grant Stevens. 

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Hypothyroidism is not contraindicated with Coolsculpting

Hypothyroidism is not one of the conditions which would be contraindicated with Coolsculpting.  I am unsure as to why Zerona does not produce results in the setting of hypothyroidism, but this modality has multiple conditions that must be met. Coolsculpting is targeting fat cells and causing them to undergo cell death or what the company calls cryolipolysis. Hypothyroidism does not affect this process. I have treated many patients who are hypothyroid or on thyroid medication. 

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