Any hypothesis of what may be causing this? Sore, Painful Implants 2 Years Post Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation two years ago. (Sub muscular) Sometimes they are sore (similar to the soreness after exercising). I get pains under my implants in the rib area. I was completely reconstructed when having my surgery. Not a typical breast augmentation. Sharp pains shoot through them from time to time or they itch.

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Sore, Painful Implants 2 Years Post Augmentation?

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Thank you for your question. There could be many things causing the symptoms that you describe. I recommend that you make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for a thorough examination and to discuss your prognosis.

Breast Augment

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Interesting your situation seems rather unusual, if you are having electric like shock pains you may have a nerve injury that gets worse with exercise, there are ways to diagnose and treat this so I suggest speaking to your PS

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