Hypopigmentation After Fraxel Laser

I began Fraxel about a year ago. I think I had 7 treatments all up for chicken pox scars. The first treatment went fine, however the 2nd was very painful and just 1 hour later, I had big blisters where the treatments had been done. I was swollen and I developed dark red scabs and was very red for months. A year later, I now have a big, white rectangular area on my cheek. I saw a dermatologist who advised that sun will get rid of this. It hasn't. Will this mark ever go? It is very noticeable.

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Hypopigmented scarring extremely unusual for Fractionated Laser

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Unfortunately, you may have incurred a hypopigmented scarring which may be semi-permanent. IPL or photofacial laser may allow for better evening of skin tone and should be considered. This is more commonly seen with traditional CO2 laser, but rarely is this seen on the face after fractionated laser resurfacing. Make sure that the fractionated laser, particular Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing is done by a board-certified dermatologist who has performed greater 50 cases of your skin types.

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