Pigments in Scars After Fraxel Treatment?

Does scarred skin normally contain the same amount of pigments as the normal skin surrounding it? I was wondering because after the Fraxel treatment, the pigments in the normal skin seem to have come back but the pigments in the scar didn't as much.

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Fraxel will not restore pigment in scars but may help blend

A laser can't restore pigment, but it can help blend the area. White scars do not contain melanocytes (the cells that create pigment). When surrounding skin is darker, the scars become more obvious. This is one reason that in the summer, someone with white scars will notice them more.

The Fraxel lasers can help smooth out the scar and sometimes a small amount of melanin-making cells will migrate to the edges of the scar during the healing process so the scar is not as apparent.

The way the Fraxel laser works there are thousands of microscopic treated columns of skin tissue with other tissue left untouched. This untouched tissue "sends out" new cells and speeds the healing process. Because new skin is generated so quickly, there is little pain and a much reduced risk of infection - this is the primary reason fractional lasers are so well accepted.

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