I Now Have Hypopigmentation or a Burn on my Right Cheek from Laser Resurfacing, What Can I Do?

Before having laser resurfacing my complexion was next to perfect except for a dime sized scar from acne on each temple and a nickle sized scar on each cheek right below my cheek bones. Instead of the docotor only doing those areas he did my whole face. Now after having it done,I am noticing what I think is called hypopigmentation or a burn on the right side of my face/cheek. The splotchy area of skin is about the size of a post it note. I am very scared that it might be permanent! Please help!

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Laser resurfacing and pigmentation

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You must see your doctor for an evaluation. What laser was it, what energy settings were used, how many passes, what was the post treatment procedure and topicals used, were there scabs, etc. In the examination a dermatologist might use a Wood's light to examine the skin color. There have been delayed cases, one year after carbon dioxide fractional laser of hypopigmenation. Hyperpigmenation tends to go away with treatment, but some cases of hypopigmenation can stay.

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Hypopigmentation after laser resurfacing, is it permanent

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It depends on how long it has been. Most of the time it comes back. There are lasers out there that are special in terms of getting that pigment back. A more conservative laser resurfacing could also stimulate the pigment cells to repopulate that area of the skin.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Post-treatment pigmentation irregularity after laser resurfacing

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Depending on your skin type and how aggressive the ablative laser resurfacing, one may experience post-treatment pigmentation irregularity. The good news is that most of the dyspigmentation is temporary and can be minimized with strict post-op sun protection. Stay with Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing based technology performed by experienced board-certified dermatologist with expertise and experience of your specific skin type and priority.

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