Is Hypopigmentation After Liposuction Permanent?

I had lipo done and the incisions themselves are healing nicely but the sking around the scar or incision site is white. My doctor says it will eventually fade but everything I read says it will not fade that the pigment is gone. He did do a fraxil and that was months ago and now i can see the white spots in a sqaure patter from the laser, which he says will fade....will this type of hypopigmentation really fade or is it more of a permant scar?

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Loss of pigment after liposuction may be permanent.

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This is rare but it does happen.  The friction of the cannula during liposuction can cause a kind of burn, which in turn can cause loss of pigment.  More of a problem if you are dark skinned.  May get somewhat better with time, but I don't know of any treatment.  Sorry about pessimistic opinion.

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treatment of hypopigmentation is not guaranteed to develop into a wonderful outcome. multiple fraxel restore treatments can be done, but there is not 100% satisfaction with these results. See your physician as you treat new areas.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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