Hypopigmentation and Acne After Fraxel Laser

I had Fraxel Laser done 3 months ago and notice white patches of skin and severe acne on my chin. The white patches appear to be "new" skin that is lighter than the other skin. Is this normal?

Are pigmentation problems normal? How long will it take for this to improve or away.or will it? Is there something I should be doing that can help with the pigmentation and lessen the acne?


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Hyperpigmentation and acne after Fraxel Laser

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Pigmentation problems following Fraxel Restore are extraordinarily rare. Pigmentation problems following Fraxel Repair are also very rare but can occur. So the first question is, which Fraxel laser did you have done? In terms of the acne, although acne can flare immediately after laser treatments, if you’re developing acne 3 months later, it’s not caused by the laser treatments but simply because you have acne.

If you have loss of pigmentation, see the laser physician so as to determine whether this can be treated or whether it will go away.

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