I Have Hypertrophic Scarring Two Years Post Op from a Liposuction Procedure on my Abdomen. What is the Best Treatment? (photo)

I had liposuction on my abdomen almost 2 yrs ago. I still have bad hypertrophic scarring. My plastic surgeon injected me with kenalog and then told me i was reacting poorly to the injections, referring me to laser therapy. I've been waiting, hoping they will go away in time. i have seen only subtle improvement, they r still very red. 6 mths ago 2 of them started to scab, which was strange because I assumed they had healed. I want 2 know my best options for treatment (if any) laser or surgery?

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Prominent scarring after liposuction

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While it is impossible to tell exactly what is going on without examining you directly, it does appear that your scars are widened, and that may be contributing to their larger/darker appearance. Usually people who have dark scarring can see a fade in color over time, but to address the widening of the scars, surgical excision and re-closure is probably the best option. After that is done, careful post operative wound care with silicone sheeting or silicone gel can help improve the appearance. Best of luck!

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