Options For Hypertrophic Scar Post-knee Surgery? (photo)

I had ACL reconstruction done 2.5 months ago---the joint is healing, but one of the scars (endoscope port) is overdeveloping. This is affecting the tracking of my knee cap and causing pain when the scar tissue gets caught in the joint when I walk up stairs. My ortho said he hasn't seen this happen very often before. The skin surface is flat, but there is a lump about the size of a dime under the skin. Should I get referred to a plastic surgeon or derm? Ortho says cortisone could discolour area

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Mass of knee s/p ACL reconstruction

Thanks for the photo. This mass is not a hypertrophic scar but one directly related to the surgical procedure and not the incision on the skin. I would think that the orthopedic surgeon would want to explore the area. Without an examination, I can't make any recommendations regarding steroid injection.

If your orthopedic doctor does not want to pursue this outside of considering a steroid injection, you next choice to see would be a plastic surgeon and/or another orthopedic surgeon.

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