Risk of a Hypertrophic Scar on Chest Becoming a Keloid with Revision?

the steroid injection did flatten the scar some but i hav how the scar is a long line about an inch long and still red and kind of wide now that its gone down. I am really interested in having it excised and sewn up less noticeably my plastic surgeon says i have to wait until it heals up before excising it. Am i at risk for it growing back in form of a keloid? will it look less noticeable? any advice will really help thanks so much!

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Treatment of Breast keloids

This breast scar can be treated without surgery.  The options available in my LA practice include the following:

  • Pulsed Dye Scar Laser
  • Selective IIT
  • Pressure Treatment

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Hypertrophic scar on chest

The chest is a high risk area for hypertrophic scarring. Re-excising the keloid may result in a worse-appearing scar. I would suggest more conservative measures including the use of vascular lasers and additional sessions of steroid injections.

Good luck.

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