Hypertrophic scar and otoplasty revision (Photo)

I posted this before but for some reason my details were not posted. Would a HYPERTROPHIC scar complicate otoplasty revision?

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Hypertrophic scar complicating an otoplasty revision

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I'm going to answer this as a generic question, not specifically in your case, simply because I have not examined or diagnosed you with a hypertrophic scar (or keloid).
In the case of a hypertrophic scar, yes, it could complicate things.  Specifically, the scar would have to be excised at the time of revision (most likely) and could recur.  Furthermore, removal could necessitate more tension on the back of the ear, increasing risk of more hypertrophic scarring and/or affecting the otoplasty result.

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Bad scar after otoplasty

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The photograph suggests that you have a hypertrophic scar from the skin sutures used in your otoplasty.
If you are only concerned about the scar, this can be removed and sutures this time with subcuticular sutures that do not pierce the skin.
If you want an otoplasty revision, the hypertrophic scar can be removed and closed at the time of the second otoplasty. Best wishes.

Hypertrophic scar and otoplasty revision

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Hello usuthuinduna7,
I would advise you to consult a skin specialist to see whether this hypertrophic scar is a keloid or not. If it is a keloid, you must not have the scar surgically excised, because then there is the danger of the new scar being even thicker and more prominent than the current one. Your doctor will be able to advise you how a keloid, if you do have one, is treated today. Incidentally, I cannot see that your ear is protruding again. It is thus my opinion that a new otoplasty is unnecessary, particularly since you apparently have a predisposition to hypertrophic scar (or keloid?) formation on your ear.

Waldemar Merck, MD
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Hypertrophic scar and otoplasty revision

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I am not sure if you are considering otoplasty revision to address only the scar or if you are also trying to improve the position of your ear.  In most cases, a hypertrophic scar could be removed and further revision on the position of the ear should be able to be done at the same time if needed.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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