Is Hyperpigmentation Permanent After 2 Months of Fraxel Re:fine Caused by Non Compliance of Sunscreen?

Hi,I had my last treatment(total 3) of fraxel Refine in the month of sept. I maintained applying sunscreen for the next 2 months but i was non compliant after that. I developed some hyperpigmented spots on my face. Now 3 days back,i had my first fraxel Restore. Will fraxel Restore help me with the hyperpigmentation caused by non compliance of sunscreen after 2 months of fraxel Refine?This time i am applying kojic acid cream at night too. What other agents i can use for the same. Thank you.

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#Fraxel and skin darkening

the skin darkening after Fraxel laser treatment can last for a long time especially if its not resolved by two months. I would advice to seek help from your dermatologist to get ona  skin care regimen so that you can prevent this from happening in the future

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Fraxel often very helpful for hyperpigmentation

hyperpigmentation can be a pesky and persistent problem, but fraxel restore in my hands has frequently been very good at alleviating it. avoiding sun is essential in preventing recurrence;  kojic acid and hydroquinone have been helpful too.          

  unfortunately, the problem will occasionally recur despite all the above. hope you won't be one of those.....  good luck!!!



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