When Am I In The Clear From Hyperpigmentation After Traditional Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

If I have too time outside after laser resurfacing, will I necessarily get any hyperpigmentation? And if so, when will it show up? Its only been a few weeks (still pink) and although I wear a very high uva, uvb sunscreen, wear barriers, visors and hats, I have a very small spot (an old freckle maybe?) and can't sleep fearing the worse. My doc said I was ok with the barrier but now I'm not so sure. (itdoesn't block the sun 100%) I will see my doc for 4 week check up next week.

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Skincare and hyperpigmentation after Fractional CO2

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Chemical peels and Fractional CO2 can sensitize the skin to UV radiation and thus require pre and post treatment.  In my Santa Monica plastic surgery practice, I perform Fractional CO2 frequently, and follow treatment with a skin care regimen including MelaClenz, Melaquin AM, and Melaquin PM.  Melaquin AM is especially important as it contains FOUR active sunscreens.  

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