Hyperpigmentation After Fraxel

I've had two Fraxel Re:Stores for some shallow acne scars and sun damage. My first Fraxel was @ four months ago. Before that I pretreated my skin with a kojic acid product, and five weeks after the Fraxel my skin looked very bright. I had my second treatment almost 6 weeks ago (didn't pretreat with the kojic acid) and now I'm still pinkish/brown. You can still see where the laser stopped around my eyes/mouth. My doc says this is normal. Is it? Is there anything I can use to fade this pigment??

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Pretreatment with bleaching creams before laser can help

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It sounds from your experience that the pretreatment helped a lot.  Bleaching creams are not the absolute solution, but the addition may help expedite the lightening.  I agree with your doctor that it should resolve with time, but how long is unpredictable.  Studies show on average about a month, however you are not at 6 weeks.  I have seen both less and more.

Good luck, but a tincture of time may be the best treatment.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

Help Improve Pigmentation After Fraxel Treatments...

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It's a good idea to get on a Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid regimen from your doctors office.  Also consider getting some peels from a reputable medical aesthetician.  This should help speed up the results and get you the look you want. 

Hope this helps.  Good luck.


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