Hyperpigmentation After Fraxel Laser

I have had the Fraxel laser treatment and immediately afterwards blisters began to appear on my face, so I am guessing the physician burned my face! Now, it has been 4 weeks after the treatment and where the blisters were, there are now dark patches. I am terrified that this is permanent as my skin tone looks worse than before the treatment! I have seen the physician and his response was to come back to see him in a month's time. Can you advise me from your experience how bad this is? What can be done to get rid of the dark patches?

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See your doctor sooner

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I think it is important to call back your physician and ask to be seen sooner. There are many things you can do to help speed up the recovery of the skin after laser treatments.

Blistering with the Fraxel restore is extremely uncommon. It is extremely important to have a physician experienced with lasers doing your treatment.

I would definitely stay away from direct sun exposure and use a good sunscreen and speak to your physician about possible topical treatments.

Oakland Dermatologic Surgeon

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