Will hyperbaric oxygen help after laser damage?

I had an aggressive pixel laser procedure 4 months ago and have scarred excessively and am losing pigment around my lips. My face seems to have fallen and droops. I have the orange peel texture on what was perfect skin i shpuldnt have let the doctor touch. I was hopeful that HBOT could help stop the damage from progressing. I've been told at least 40 treatments could possible help.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen and Pixel Laser

I am not sure that hyperbaric oxygen at 4 months post-procedure will help, but I am not sure that it won't.  The major issue around hyperbaric oxygen and cosmetic surgery is that there is very little data.  So you certainly may try, but it is unclear if it will be a measurable difference.  I would ask your treating physician their opinion and I would ask the hyperbaric physician, as well.

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