Hyper-pigmentation of the Undereye - Will Injection Help? (photo)

I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a child. I have had v-beam to get rid of any broken capillaries and to decrease redness but it never really helps. Are there injectables that would help, or is this just thin skin? Would a bleaching product help?

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Restylane is a Great Option for Dark Circles

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Hi Singer.  You have correctly identified that injection procedures are a potential option for dark circles under the eyes.

Using Restylane, we can add volume to the area below the eye where the skin is thinner and blood vessels more visible either because of aging or genetics.  

If you click on the link below, you can see several photos of patients that had dark circles under the eyes and were successfully treated using Restylane injections.

We are also in Los Angeles (Torrance) and offer a free consultation.  We would be happy to evaluate you to provide options.

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