Hyper-pigmentation or Maybe Burn. After Laser Hair Removal on Chin? (photo)

I got my 4th session of laser hair removal done 4 days ago and the technician increased the intensity of the laser. The chin area felt heated for almost 5-6 hours after the session. I noticed that there are dark marks on my chin (very visible!) and it's been 2 days already and no noticeable change has happened to the dark marks! I have olive skin tone (maybe a little darker) What should I do? Also is it ok to put makeup on to hide these burn marks since I can't step out of the house like this!

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Bad burn after hair removal

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That is an intensely bad burn, from the laser being set way too high. First, contact the office that treated you. The technician needs to know those settings were way too high and have resulted in this bad burn. Second, keep the area moist and covered in sunscreen. Do not let it burn. Yes, you can put makeup on it. You may have some hyper or hypo pigmentation after it heals, but you're going to have to wait and see. Don't pick it!

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