Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL? Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks.

Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL?  Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks.

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Compounded HA fillers are not recommended

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I do not recommend my patients ever get compounded HA fillers, like Hylaronia-LL. Those are made by compounding pharmacies. Even though compounding pharmacies are great for some medications and formulations, it is not my recommendation that they make any type of HA filler. There are no studies on the safety or efficacy of these types of fillers, as they are not regulated or approved by the FDA. Even though they contain approved ingredients, they are not manufactured by companies like Allergan or Medicis and therefore, cannot be compared on a remotely even playing field. I would recommend you stick to injectables made by companies who undergo strict FDA guidelines and studies only. 



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Hylaronia LL is not approved by the FDA for injection into the skin and there are no studies that I am aware of confirming its safety and efficacy. There are certainly no studies comparing it to Restylane. The claims that it is "twice as strong" as Restylane are based on the fact that the pharmacy that makes it up has added twice the amount of lidocaine. It is a compunded product, meaning that a pharmacy is mixing it up.  Stay far, far away from this product as well as the doctor who is injecting it. 


Jacqueline Calkin, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

Compounded Fillers

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I would advise against using a compounded filler, as they are not approved by the FDA for this use.  There are a variety of HA fillers and Radiesse that are available to meet your goals.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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