Safety of Hydroxyapatite for Forehead Contouring?

I'm interested in getting forehead contouring done because I was born with craniosynostosis and have some indents in my forehead. I read that this is a procedure done with hydroxyapatite cement and burring down of some irregularities on the forehead.

I was just wondering about the risks involved with this and also, if I had it done, how likely is it for it to possibly break because I lead a really physical lifestyle. Thanks.

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Forehead contouring

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It is probably best to stay away from synthetic implants like hydroxyapatite in the forehead because of the chance of infection. The craniosynostosis can simply be shaved down with a drill after the skin has been pulled forward to allow access to this area. The incision would be a coronal type incision behind the hairline.

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Forehead contouring with Hydroxyapatite

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Hi there-

This is absolutely the best method for correction of your problem.

As with any surgery, there are a few risks you should know about, and your surgeon will no doubt inform you of these-

On the whole, however, you will likely achieve a pleasing and smooth contour through this technique.

Forehead contouring with hydroxyapatite is safe.

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If done by a surgeon with experience with this material. There is always a risk of infection but this is rare. After a thorough xray exam you will need probably a combination of contouring and augmentation and sometimes I use soft tissue for this rare that a foreign material.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Hydroxyapatite cement for forehead contouring

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In the short term the risk of hydroyapatite cement is possible resorption or infection. However, long term it can provide an excellent contour and should be very stable.

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Forehead contouring

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Yes, forehead contouring is possible with hydroxyapatite.  Depending on what you are looking for, it make even just be an office procedure not requiring burring down of bones.  However, an full examination would be necessary to determine what would give you the best result.  Good luck.  

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