Would Using Hydronaise to Diminish a Lump from an HA Filler Also Cause It to Eradicate the Nat'l HA That is in the Skin As Well?

I am wondering if using this injection to break down a poorly injected hydrolonic acid filler in my troughs would also cause it to break down my body's naturally occuring HA as well and thereby leaving me looking like I have less volume than I even started with. I mean, how can the product differentiate between the synthetic & the natural form of hydrolonic acid anyhow? My gut tells me that it is risky but I have found nothing published on the topic.

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This is a great question.  We do not see a reduction to below baseline levels after hyaluronidase injections.  We are not sure of the mechanism, but likely it is becuase our body is constantly replenishing our native hyaluronic acid.  I would not worry at all about the injections.  I have used them on several occasions with great results, including on myself!  best to you.

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