Hydroliclasia Aspirativa Lipo Recovery

I had hydroliclasia aspirativa lipo (a type of lypo discovered in brasil). My problem is that i still have liquid in my stomach and it shows a bump. Its been almost 2 months, and the skin around my navel is bumpy, but my waist and back look really good.

How can i get rid of that liquid? Is it going to get better and tighter skin? I'm 42 and the doctor says it will get better, but I really doubt it. It looks like i have cellulite in my midrift. please give me hope

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Seroma after liposuction needs to be treated promptly

I am afraid this will not get better on its own two months after liposuction.  Untreated seroma becomes lump of internal scar tissue.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo Question

It sounds like you may have had what is called the water jet assisted liposuction. Regardless of the type of lipo, you may have a seroma or fluid collection. I would suggest seeing a plastic surgeon near you and being prepared to pay for the consultation and any treatment needed unless you feel like traveling. As was said medical tourism should not be taken lightly as problems that would be easy for your local plastic surgeon to take care of at no charge become a major additional expense to you.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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I have no experience with that procedure

Hi Monique,

The procedure you describe is not one that I am familiar with and therefore I cannot give you any advice. As you know, there are many procedures that are described in other countries. Some of them are no different than what we do and some of them have not been tested in a rigorous way (either by peer-reviewed studies or an organization like the FDA).

So, my only advice would be to fly back to Brazil and show the original surgeon exactly what you look like. Since it is a procedure we are not familiar with in this country, you will not likely find anyone who would be able to tell you what the final outcome may be.

One reason that medical tourism is a two-edged sword is precisely what you have experienced--you get a procedure that is only known in that country, and then you have few recourses when there are complications and you are now thousands of miles away.

You could also try e-mailing photos and asking your questions over the Internet, but I suspect that you need to be seen in person so they actually give you a better answer than "just wait".

Francisco Canales, MD
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