What is Hydrogel?

What is "Hydrogel"? How come it is not widely offered by cosmetic surgeons for butt injections?

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Not approved in the US, and caution warranted

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Interesting question.
I was reading one of our Derm Newspapers and came across an article extolling this product. It seemed like this stuff was going to revolutionize the filler market. Far better than Artefill because it was mostly aquaeous, hence its name Aquamuid. Then two things brought me pause. First, the statements extolling this product were from the pen of the CEO of its producing company. Then, I read a very negative comment from a Realself member. She rued the day this was ever implanted. I wrote her. It turns out she is from Holland. She told me there is a plastic surgeon there who is growing wealthy yanking the material out of the face of unwary and unfortunate consumers.
You might find her postings and that will answer your question of why more plastic surgeons are not using Hydrogel. ( Besides, it is still not approved in the US)

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