How to replace teeth which has rotten?

Actually at the childhood age my upper chin last teeth got pain. Then i went to doctor, he removed some bacteria and kept some ice material that i don't remembered particularly. But now after 15 years my teeth got pain and it destructed slowly. When I tried to know by checking by my nails some small part of the teeth came 2 times and it led to remain there as only origin of teeth with smooth flesh. That place is very sensitive . So that am unable to eat properly and it's getting pain.

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Replacing rotten teeth

Having rotten teeth can become dangerous for your health.  Even after the tooth is removed (or fallen out) there is a chance of gaining a bacteria infection or abscess.  Dental Implants would be a great option to replace the teeth that have been damaged. Once you've received dental implants, there will be a better chance of salvaging the rest of your teeth. Being that the area of the teeth is sensitive, there may be a bacterial infection that can spread and cause severe damage to your teeth. I would seek a consultation with a dental implant clinics to get a CT scan and discuss possible treatment options.

Chicago Dentist

To Replace Rotten Teeth

If your teeth got rotten then you should go for dental implant treatment because it is good to replace the rotten teeth as it slowly damage rest of the teeth. 

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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