I have a problem with scars on my chin due to being burned with power shock? (Photo)

Is there any treatment for this . can you tell me the cost of treatment.

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Electric burn scars

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Dear Sunith, 

I am sorry you were injured by electricity. The scars you have are difficult to treat but I expect they do not detract significantly from your overall beauty. You could always start with noninvasive therapy like steroid injections to see if this improves the dyspigmentation (darkening). Laser treatments might also help with this. For the depressed chin scars, fillers may help flatten the contour. For an immediate result you could consider excising the depressed central and right sided scars with closure. This might temporarily distort your skin, but the greater risk would be persistent dyspigmentation. This is a challenging issue but there are potentital solutions; see what your local plastic surgeon thinks by examining these scars more closely and in person. 

I hope this helps,

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