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I had 15 units dysport each side for crowsfeet 4 weeks ago with little results. I went back 2 weeks ago and the Dr. did another 25 units each side. They are still noticable. At $15/unit, it was $1200 for crowsfeet only! I'm 48 yo male. Is this normal? I'm going back to him tomorrow. What should I ask him?

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Are you certain it was Dysport?  That pricing is more consistent with Botox at $14/unit.  Dysport is typically around $5/unit +/- a dollar or so. The initial amount of units administered is also more consistent with Botox.  It is not uncommon to administer 30 units of Dysport to each Crow's Feet area, but the dose of Botox would likely be more along the lines of 10-14 units on each side.  I would just verify with the provider that gave you the injections. 

I hope this helps.

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Dysport or Xeomin injections in Los Angeles

Dysport or Xeomin are reliable and work well. Your result is unusual, as most patients will notice improvement. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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That is extremely expensive for Dysport.  Perhaps it was mistaken for Botox.  Try another office.  Good luck.

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Appropriate dose and pricing for Dysport

As other have mentioned $15/unit for Dysport is extraordinarily expensive, and with the results you describe, certainly not worth it.  I've found 25-30 units of Dysport to be very effective and work quite well in the Crow's feet.  

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Crows Feet Dysport

I think $300 is reasonable for treatment of your Crow's feet.  Anything more than that is not cool. 

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Dysport not working

Seriously?  Someone is charging you $15/unit for Dysport?  You definitely need to see someone else or, for that kind of money, your injector should guarantee results!  Paying $1200 for something that should only last three months is outrageous.  To get back to your question, however,  males do tend to have stronger muscles and require more product than females, whether it's Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, to produce an effect.  15 units/side is too little for anyone, male or female, in the crow's feet area.  If Dysport is not working for you then perhaps you need to try one of the other options, Botox or Xeomin.

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40 Units of Dysport on each side for crows feet should be quite effective if properly placed.

Some people are resistant to either Botox or Dysport.  Also it is important to realize that Dysport and Botox do not stop the wrinkles caused when you smile.  If you really do not see any improvement, Xeomin is another choice with less risk of immune inactivation. If you are seeing an experienced neurotoxin injector, he/she should be able to help you sort this out.

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Dysport to crow's feet

Something is off. I don't know a single doctor who would charge $15/unit for Dysport, when the ratio of Dysport to Botox is 3:1. You are SURE you had Dysport? And I don't know a single doctor who would feel comfortable charging $1200 for a treatment to the crow's feet only. There is nothing wrong with Dysport and you should see some changes for certain, but I think you might need a new injector....?

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Dysport pricing

The pricing issue is a personal choice of each doctor. The units are however quite standards. Crows feet should respond with 30units in each side. However, in two situations it might not work well. 1. Older individuals as there are too many skin lines and wrinkles, 2. Individuals with thin skin. The thin skin wrinkles from a smile pushing the cheeks upward and are not truly crows feet. In this unique situation using a filler to thicken the skin helps improve the crows feet.  Regards
Dr. J
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Dysport dosing and pricing

In my practice I use a starting dose of 30 units of Dysport per side for crow's feet in men; some men require 10-20 units more per side.  Pricing is less per unit than Botox because the dosing is different from Botox.  $15/unit is more typical of Botox pricing.  Dysport pricing is usually about $5/unit.  My first question to this Dr. would be, which toxin was injected: Dysport or Botox or Xeomin?  If you paid $15/unit for Dysport, you have every right to be angry.  

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