Had Hyaluronidase Today and Was Injected in Areas I Did Not Ask to be Injected?

Had the Hyaluronidase today to remove bumps and upward turn. I found out areas I did not ask to be injected were. The dissolver is working, but, now the center is HOLLOW. I feel like my filler was wasted on areas that I did not want injected (i.e. the sides of my mouth). Do I go back & ask for the center to be touched up or do I leave it alone?? Do injectors re-inject as a courtesy in these types of situations? Confused & scared & embarrased to even contact her again. ADVICE PLEASE!

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I got hyaluronidase and it removed filler I didn't want removed

When I am injecting hyaluronidase I always discuss where the patient wants the filler removed and go from there. Obviously, I give my advice too. But if it wasn't discussed with you and your injector just began removing filler, that's not a great situation. I doubt your injector will re-inject you for free, but you can discuss the situation. As an injector and as a patient, you should discuss the plan before sitting in the chair. It's just best to have everyone on the same page so things like this don't happen.

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