Hyaluronidase Injector Recommendation in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

I just had Restylane filler under my eyes. I learned the hard way that it's all in the technique, and now I literally have huge pillows under my eyes. I thought the restylane would fill in and even out my existing eye bags. Too much was injected. It's been 1 week now. Looking for help in AZ!

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You need to see a well known Board certified Plastic Surgeon or dermatologist . The hyalurinadase will disolve the Restylane when injected in the vicinity of the injected hyalorinidase.

Some times the Hyaluronic acid was injected in different levels and you may need more than one session of hyalorinadase to disolve all the hyaluronic acid. After that the eye lids are evaluated and a proper decision is made to meet your needs and aesthetic desires.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Eyelid bags and restylane

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If your bags are fluid and not fat, then adding filler can make it worse. You might benefit from your doctor injecting hyaluronidase to dissolve the injected restylane, but of course, you will still have the bags you had before the injecitons.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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