Does Hyaluronidase Cause Permanent Damage to Lower Eyelids?

In October 2008, I had Juvederm in tear troughs for eyebags/dark circles, which was successful. In April 2009, I had it 'topped up' with Restylane. It was awful. On June 15, I had it dissolved with hyaluronidase. Within hours, lower eyelids became swollen and black. I used steroid cream for a couple of days (Advantan), but still no change.

On June 26, I had more Juvederm in my tear troughs, hoping to recreate the October 2008 result. It was not even close. My lower eyelids were still puffy and swollen on top of Juvederm,  like a layer of jelly-like fluid. I tried ice, cold compresses, warm compresses, bruise/swelling cream, and caffeine lotion. I sleep elevated. Nothing helps. Is this a common reaction? How long until the swelling goes? Does hyaluronidase damage natural tissue so swelling is permanent?

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