Too Dangerous to Inject Hyaluronidase into Forehead Lumps?

After having Restylene injected into my chin last July was left with lumps although forehead injections were fine. My eminent Consultant Plastic surgeon in London said it was an allergic reaction on chin (see previous enquiry). He now says he cannot inject hyaluronidase into them because they are too small and it would be dangerous (info conveyed by his nurse). I don't understand this and he hasn't explained any further. Any comments?

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if the injected material is actually Restylane then your Eminent plastic surgeon is wrong, you can use Hyaluronidase to try to disolve it

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Restylane lumps

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If you lumps were caused by Restylane it should be perfectly safe to use hyaluroinidase-unless you are allergic to bee stings. There are other ways that lumps can form(biofilms) and hyaluronidase would not help that but would do no harm

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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Is it Dangerous to Inject Hyaluronidase into Forehead Lumps?

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In the hands of an experienced injector this will not be a problem. It is unclear to me why your plastic surgeon would be willing to inject a moderate volume of hyaluronic acid filler into your forehead but is uncomfortable placing a tiny volume of hyaluronidase into this area to remedy the bumps. If your plastic surgeon is still unwilling to consider this issue, you should seek a second opinion with a more experienced injector. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Done by experienced injectors, hyaluronidase is an easy, effective procedure to remove HA fillers, anywhere. I don't understand from your prior inquiry how your forehead was fine, and now needs to be injected with hyaluronidase. That doesn't make sense. But regardless, it can be injected into the forehead, chin, etc. You just need to make sure you really did have an HA filler, or it won't work.

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