Having Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Juvederm Monday, Pointers?

I am going back on Monday after the full 7 days to have my doctor remove the areas I don't like. She never dissolved it from the lips but b/c she knows where exactly she injected I think its best I go to her. I want to be fully prepared for this procedure. Can anyone give me any recommendations on what she should do exactly? What I should ask for? I don't want to wind up looking even worse or more uneven. Any help would be appreciated.

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Having Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Juvederm Monday, Pointers?

    Enzymatic degrading is fairly straightforward and a certain number of units to the confined area of overfill brings about some resolution in a few days.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Points for Hyaluronidase Removal

Regardless of the area injected, your doctor should know the ratio to use of the injectable. It starts working immediately. It CAN cause a bit of swelling, so based on the fact that you're already upset about swelling, be prepared to have a bit again. After all, these are injections. She will inject the areas that are lumpy, or the areas that bother you. So you point those out to her. I'm assuming you don't want it all out, but just the lumpy parts, so tell her what you want. If you do want it all out, you need to be prepared for a few trips back. It's not a one-time thing if you are trying to remove it all. If you just want to remove a bit of lumpiness, you should be able to get away with a single trip.

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Hyaluronidase to dissolve juvederm

On occasion Juvederm can drift or have other untoward effects.  Hyaluronidase is very effective and is a relatively simple and easily tolerated procedure.  

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Hyaluronidase injection

Hyaluronidase injection is quick and easy. It just takes a minute amount to dissolve the hyaluronic acid (HA). You will notice the HA disappears virtually overnight. Just tell your doctor the areas that bother you. Realize that it is not really a "controlled" injection, and if too much HA is degraded, you may need to have more filler placed in that area. Conversely, if not enough  HA is dissolved, you may need another hyaluronidase injection.

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