Why No Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Large Volume Use?

Why is there no safe filler for large area's that is affordable? Like really, is fat, which is unpredictable, and Sculptra, which causes lumps, the best they can do? Why don't they make HA filler in 5cc's vial for large volume use?

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Large volume fillers

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The problem with large volumes of filler, besides the obvious recurring expense, is that fillers have no blood supply. If an infection sets up shop in the filler, your body has no defense at all.

Large volume permanent or semipermanent fillers are even worse, with risks ranging from infection to permanent lumpiness requiring surgery to fix.

There are many options to fill in lost volume that will give you greater permanence, and in the long run save you a lot of money.

That is my concern with the "liquid facelift", where large volumes of temporary filler are injected into the face. In six months, patients realize their liquid facelift was a bad investment once most of the filler is gone.

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Large volume fillers

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The hyaluronic acids that are available inthe US are really not promoted for high volume use. I assume you mean for the breasts or buttocks. We will have to wait and see.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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HA's Hyaluronic injectable fillers are expensive because of technology, liability, & FDA.

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I assume you prefer to have this for buttock augmentation or breast enlargement.

HA's are expensive. Even when we purchase it for use in compounding cosmetic preparations, it is a costly ingredient. HA's for injectable use requires a complex and highly monitored production facility that uses recombinant DNA technology in a sterile environment. That is why it costs so much. Furthermore, the American tort system and the FDA are additional reasons why medications often cost significantly more in the USA when compared to other countries.

In other countries, when you spill hot coffee in your lap, they laugh at you and tell you were stupid to be drinking and driving at the same time. In the USA reward you with a million dollars out of the pocket of the restaurant who gets blamed for making coffee.

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Large volume use of HA fillers?

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 I am not sure where you are wanting more than 5 cc's of HA filler but that would be very unusual for most people to request.  That is probably why they stick to the 1 cc form, just that there are very few people who have a demand for 5 or more cc's.

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