Can hyaluronic acid filler "move" or even go into the eyeball if laying on it?

I received filler in the temples, eye orbital area, and crows feet area (side of face).........My question was, I lay on this exact area, while watching tv and sleeping at night. I was wondering if after the initial first few days (MY doctor told me not to lay on it for a few days) , is it possible for the filler to be "flattened out", migrate, or even get into the eyeball or be dangerous by laying on it?

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Good question.  The quick answer is no.  After a few days, the HA is integrated in the extracellular matrix and not easily mobile.  The one caveat is that this answer is for a standard injection where the physician used a threading or crosshatching technique and did not do something out of the ordinary like injecting large globules.  It certainly will not migrate into the globe (eyeball) regardless and would not be dangerous even if moved in the first few days.  It would just not give you the cosmetic outcome that you wanted.  I hope this allows you to be a little less anxious.

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