Can Hyalase Injections Dissolve Your Own H.A. if It Come in Contact with It?

Hi Doctor, I had a filler injectioned under the eyes. It left dark lines and bags in the tear trough areas. I had hyalase injections to dissolve it and now I look more wrinkled and baggy then before the filler. Is it possible the hyalase injection dissolved some of my own h.a.? It has been nearly 2 years since then, will it eventually grow back, or it this permanent? Thank You, Jenny

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No good evidence to suggest that hyalase dissolves your own natural hyaluronic acid

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To date there is not good evidence to suggest that hyalase dissolves your own natural hyaluronic acid in the skin, but no good controlled studies exist to answer this question.  Opthomologists frequently mix their local anaesthetic with Wydase or Vitrase (hyaluronidase) and there have not been reports of increased wrinkling or depressions.

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