Hyalase in Rhinoplasty, Used Other Than Dissolving Fillers?

I recently underwent my 3rd rhinoplasty op. I am 6 weeks post op. Rib cartilage was used to rebuild the ridge of my nose and straighten my tip. I have formed a lump along the ridge. My surgeon said he would use hyalase to address the problem should it not settle over time. I thought hyalase was used to dissolve fillers. Is hyalase used in rhinoplasty for other means - other than dissolving unwanted fillers?

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Hyalase in rhinoplasty

Hi there,

Hyalase is only used in rhinoplasty for dissolving hyaluronic acid based fillers, as far as I am aware. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restalyne are more and more frequently used in the nose, and have been a very useful adjunct to surgery especially in revision or post rhinoplasty cases.

The question is the nature of the lump you have.  As you're only six weeks post op, and have had three rhinoplasties, you will be very well aware that you have a lot of swelling.  The lump may be part of the rib cartilage, it may at 6 weeks be scar, or it may be temporary and just reflect the way the swelling is coming down in your case.

If your surgeon used some filler as well at the time of surgery, and feels that is contributing to the visible lump, then hyalase would work for that.

If it is felt the lump is scar related, then tiny doses of cortisone - usually in a depot preparation, but sometimes called hydrocortisone - can be used in the nose to address it.

When you see your surgeon next, you need to seek clarity around what they've said, as you already know.

All the best

Howard Webster



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