What to Do About Gums in Bad Shape?

my husband has gums where he hardly has any room left for his tongue and appear to be growing over he's teeth. dentist said this could be a result of years of jackhammering, xray show bone structure okay i notice he doesn't eat much and think it's due to condition of his mouth any suggestions.

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Gum treatment

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As you seem to be describing more advanced gum disease, I would recommend seeking out the services of a gum specialist, called a periodontitist.  After a  thorough medical history and examination, the specialist will develope a treatment plan  with the goal of restoring your husband's gums into a maintainable healthy condition.

Laurel Dentist

Gum problem

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Having a gum specialist (periodontist) do a complete exam would be a good idea. There are some medications that have a side effect of causing gum tissue to overgrow, but it's tough to try to diagnose something like this without doing an exam and having a medical history.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Getting gums back in shape

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I recommend having a consultation with a periodontist to discuss what your options are. He would probably need to take x-rays & images to determine what treatment solution will help your gums, it's also important to visit your hygienist for your routine cleanings &  check up at that visit dentist does a full exam & hygienist measure your gum pockets to make sure  that there is no bone loss or  periodontal disease present your hygienist can also give you instructions on how to floss & brush & stop jackhammering your teeth, use a soft bristle tooth brush.

Lawrence Gilbert, DDS
Woodbury Dentist

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