Why Does my Husband Have Such Bad Headaches After Broken Nose?

Injured 10 days ago. Knee to face in Judo class. xray shows possibly 3 breaks. 2 visible on nose and possibly on lower portion of left orbit. He refuses to see a specialist, now complaining of constant severe headaches and feeling of "leaky" air when he exhales out of nose. R the headaches related to sinus, possible orbital fracture or something else? I am worried and can't convince him to see doc. Says people break noses all the time and do nothing to correct. It bled for 3 hours after injury, when I told him about septal hematoma & poss. complications he went for xray.

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Nasal Trauma Can Have Serious Consequences

Any blunt trauma to the nose can lead to severe injuries.

For e.g.,

Air leaking from the nose and sinuses into the soft tissues of the orbit. On blowing nose eyes can puff up with air

Leakage of clear fluid from the roof of the nose which is also the floor of the brain. Fluid is called CSF.

Hemorrhage in the brain area which can cause severe headaches. It can be slow in progression and might not be found till its too late.

Sinusitis from blood accumulating in the sinuses

In essence, your husband needs to see a doctor and at the minimum get a CT scan of facial bones and brain.


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