Will I Hurt Anything by Stretching After Liposuction?

I had slim lipo on my arms a week and a half ago and am having that tight, sore-muscle feeling that you want to stretch out. Could I hurt anything by stretching too aggressively?

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Stretching after lipo is helpful

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It's very common to have a feeling of tightness after having liposuction, whether it involves having a laser, such as the SlimLipo laser you had or not. Doing gentle stretching and massage of the treated areas is very helpful. There is an inflammatory response in the treated tissue and the stimulation of stretching and massage helps that inflammation to settle down. You won't hurt anything, but let your comfort guide you.

Stretching After Liposuction

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In most cases, it is advised to stretch after liposuction, but every patient heals differently.  So what is advised for one patient, may not be recommended for another.  Your best option is to make an appointment with your Plastic Surgeon so that he / she can give post operative instructions that are right for you.

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