Five months post op a full tummy tuck. Severe pain in my middle abdomen, and I felt a pop and my stomach suddenly let loose.

It's very sensitive, a I have dull pain. I coughed earlier today and felt that same tight feeling and I had to crouch over until the spasm stopped. I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he said I tore the internal stitches and will need to let it heal and see him in 8 weeks to evaluate the next steps. He reassured me everything can be fixed and that life happens. I'm just wondering now, how does something like this happen so far after surgery and what are the surgical options I'm facing?

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Pain post Tummy Tuck

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Thanks for your inquiry and I’m sorry for your current situation.  Generally after 5 months, things are pretty well-healed where coughing shouldn’t cause the stitches to pop but it can happen.  Sometimes, patients can have very thin fascia that do not hold sutures well.  And, when stitches are torn, a surgical revision is usually needed.  I hope this helps. 

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This is a very rare situation but can happen.  You should give it some time to see what it looks like and then reassess the situation.  Yes it can be fixed, and it is another surgery just like the one you have had where the muscles need to be tighten where the possible tear was.

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